#1: Style Sirens

There are hundreds and thousands of fashion bloggers nowadays, but I wanted to show you my top three favorites. Here they are:


Liz Breuer is a great friend of mine and an inspiring fashion blogger.

She is a 20 year old fashion business student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. However, she was born and raised in Luxembourg.

The girl can speak Luxembourgish, French, German and English! I have yet to reach the skill set that Liz has, but it doesn’t stop there. Although her pursuits brought her into the world of fashion; she has a deep care about the environment, is a practicing vegan and a travel lover. She’s as adventurous as they come and every post exudes her tastefully curated style and vibrant personality.




Sammi is such a classic.

She is a 26 year old fashion styling graduate from London.

She is wholeheartedly obsessed with the world of blogging, fashion, beauty and personal style. She started her blog and youtube channel beautycrush (now Samantha Maria), back in 2009 while she was still studying at uni. I remember my days as a fresh teen and perusing YouTube. I stumbled upon one of her lookbooks by accident and ever since then I have been obsessed with her eclectic style. Absolutely amazing!




Marzia Bisognin is a 23 year old Italian living in England.

She is popularly known on YouTube as Marzia. Her blog is showcased as an online diary where she includes topics from Life & Travel to Fashion & Beauty. I have been watching Marzia for the past few years and she is easily one of my favorites when it comes to the topic of fashion inspiration and personal style.

Marzia not only has a beautiful sense of fashion, but she designs her own clothing pieces as well. I have so much respect for the amount of talent and content that she consistently brings her viewers and followers. All the clothing was designed and styled by Marzia.



And that’s all for now loves!!

Thank you so much for tuning in and I hope you go and check out these incredible and oh so lovely fashion bloggers. You won’t regret it, I swear!

C.A. (✿ꈍ。 ꈍ✿)


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